Share The Word – Episode 2 #Nairobi @OutsidersKrew #StreetArt #Kenya

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French Photographer Spag and British Graffiti artist Seb Toussaint of the Outsiders Krew are on a mission to bridge cultural gaps through art, photography and film.

‘Share the world’ is a web series documenting their travels through low income neighborhoods around the world.

In their second and latest episode, they travel to Mukuru Slum, a neighborhood in Nairobi, and during their 3 week stay, they work with the locals to create 15 murals.

Check out some of the images below:

mukuru-c2a9spag-4 mukuru-c2a9spag-7 mukuru-c2a9spag-9 mukuru-c2a9spag-15 mukuru-c2a9spag-21 mukuru-c2a9spag-41 spg_4084 spg_4113 spg_7895 spg_7932-1
To keep following their quest, check out the following links:


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