South African Designer Suzann Heyns dedicates Autumn Winter 2014 Collection to Minnie Mouse (Video)

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suzaan-heyns-design-2South African designer Suzann Heyns took inspiration from one of Walt Disney’s best loved icons for her latest Collection. Minnie Mouse played muse to the Autumn Winter 2014 collection, consisting of large Bows, fur patterns and animated eyes with black, neutral and warm colors.

In a statement, Heyns said “It is has been an incredible adventure working in collaboration with Disney, I have loved the process of taking inspiration from Minnie Mouse as an existing pop culture icon,” “My interpretation transforms some of her iconic attributes into a collection that is elegant, sophisticated and fun!”

The animated collection debuted on the runway of South Africa Fashion Week last week, with Minnie appearing at the end with Heyns.

View Collection below:

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To learn about Suzann Heyns, visit

Source: and Suzann Heyns Facebook

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