‘Tomorrow’s Tribe’ Editorial by Sebastian Kim (Australian Vogue)

Apr 17, 2014 • Art, Articles, InspirationNo Comments

For the current issue of Australian vogue, fashion photographer Sebastian Kim shot Brazilian model Marina Nery in a ‘National Geographic inspired shoot.

Stylist Katie Mossman, took pieces from Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Calvin Klein’s Spring/Summer 2014/2015 collections for the ‘Tomorrow’s tribe’ feature that fused tribal influences with modern day aesthetics.

Check out the images below:

marina-nery-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-2014-1 marina-nery-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-2014-2 marina-nery-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-2014-3 marina-nery-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-2014-4 marina-nery-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-2014-5 marina-nery-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-2014-6 marina-nery-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-2014-7

Source: thefashionspot.com

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