Ugly Duckling Diaries Encourages Women To Embrace Their Quirkiness

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Ugly Duckling Diaries uses the power of storytelling to give readers a glimpse into the lives of every day women: modern day heroines and their triumphant journeys from awkward to awesome! -Ugly Duckling Diaries


Low self-esteem is one of the main issues plaguing young women today. We live in an era, where people obsess over celebrities and the amount of plastic surgery procedures are on the rise.

One platform that is encouraging young girls to embrace their quirkiness is Ugly Duckling Diaries (UDD), a creative storytelling platform by Tania Taiwo. The mission of UDD is to ‘empower women and girls with a sense of self, beauty and acceptance’.

Every week, UDD spotlights women that are sharing their journeys from Ugly Duckling’ to Swans. Each of the women have overcome adversities and forged successful career paths for themselves.

Ugly Duckling Diaries

The most recent featured Duckling is Ugandan Fashion designer and feminist Gloria Wavamunno. Wavamunno recounts her life growing up in Kampala after President Museveni’s succession. She described herself as shy and reserved and felt different to her peers due to her lighter complexion. Click here to read Wavamunno’s full account.

The UDD project will run for 52 weeks. Click here to learn more.

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