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Woman to Woman by Véronique N. Doumbé and Makaila Franklin

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‘Woman to Women’ is a new film by a New York based mother and daughter team of film makers. The movie ‘sets out to discover what it means to raise or be a teenager in New York City’.

Established Filmmaker, Véronique N. Doumbé and her daughter Makaila Franklin, followed a group of mothers and daughter of diverse nationalities, ages, sexual orientations, socioeconomics and regious backgrounds in New York City.

Véronique N. Doumbé is French born producer and director of Cameroon and Martinique descent. Her production company Ndolo Films has produced several short films and documentaries including Rwandan based ‘Imbabazi : The Pardon’ and ‘The Birthday Party‘. Up until 2012,

Véronique N. Doumbé served on the Board of New York Women in Film and Television as Director/Membership.

Malika Franklin is a budding filmmaker who aspires to become a director and a cinematographer. She has received several awards for her first short “A fishy proposal”. She won the National Merit Award for Cinematic Arts (Young Arts) and the New York Regional Award in Cinematic Arts (2008).

Of the ‘Women to Woman’ movie, Doumbé says ‘The idea of Woman to Woman grew out of discussions with mothers of teenagers about issues relating to being a woman or becoming one. Producing Woman to Woman is exciting because it touches two areas that matter most in my life, being a mother and making films’.

Franklin who took on the role of interviewing the daughters states ‘The film’s intention is for mothers and daughters to better understand each other and to have open conversations. This could not be done if the conversation was told only through a mother’s eyes’.

‘Woman to Woman’ was released this year. To learn more visit: http://womantowomanmovie.com/


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