Zuri Africa empowers Africans by giving back to communities #Fairtrade

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Zuri Africa is a social enterprise that is committed to fair trade practices. The idea to start Zuri Africa came from a deep desire to make a tangible impact in the lives of people in Africa.

Company founder, Rose Sore states, “There are many organizations attempting to make a difference but most do not cater to the needs of the people they’re trying to help in the way they wish to be helped. I did not presume to know what the needs of these artisans were, I sat down with them and asked them what it is they would want.”


Zuri Africa supports artisans in three main ways:

One is by devoting 20% of all profits to supporting the education of the dependents of our artisans.

The second program, Artisan Re-investment puts money back into the hands of artisans to enable them to pursue personal and professional goals. 20% of profits go towards this program. Artisans have diverse goals. Some long to open local stores, others wish to pursue further education and others just to attain a higher standard of living.

Finally, a Sustainable Development Fund that caters to providing relevant training to artisans. 10% of profits go towards this fund. Zuri offers micro-finance solutions to their artisans through a partnership with Priority Africa Limited.

Earringswithtext To learn more about Zuri Africa, visit http://zuri-africa.com or find them at the following links.
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