• ghana-must-go

    Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

    May 11, 13 • BooksNo Comments

    ‘Ghana Must Go’ is Taiye’s Debut Novel about a troubled family reunited following the death of their father. The story is sectioned in 3 parts; Gone, Going & Go and starts off in Accra with 58 year old patriarch, Kweku Sai, a Ghanaian...

  • akissi

    Akissi: Feline Invasion by Marguerite Abouet Now Available in English

    Apr 28, 13 • Articles, BooksNo Comments

    Akissi is a children’s French comic that follows the escapades of a troublesome West African girl. For the first time, Marguerite Abouet’s award-winning book is now available in English translation via Flying Eye Books.   Marguerite Abouet is...