Creating The Vision To Build A Better Africa, Made In Africa Foundation

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ozwald_boatengMade in Africa Foundation was founded in 2011 by Ozwald Boateng, Kola Aluko and Atlantic Energy to support and fund master plans and feasibility studies for transformational and large scale developments and infrastructure projects across the African continent.

“It’s a well-known statistic that US$400 million of funding for feasibility studies and master plans across sub-Saharan Africa would develop over US$100 billion of infrastructure projects, which in turn would create a trillion dollars of value across Africa. The first step is often the hardest and we ha ve created this Foundation with Atlantic Energy to make that step easier for Africans.”  Ozwald Boateng

The Mission of Made in Africa Foundation:

The Made in Africa Foundation was set up to:

  • Provide finance for feasibility studies for African businesses and projects involved in the development of major infrastructure projects across Africa
  • Introduce a funding mechanism to assist successful businesses in Africa to transform their existing investments and prospects
  • Give Africa Independence through development and infrastructure

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