EDITORIAL: At Home in Sydney, Australia with Kenyan Model Yaya Deng for ‘Model-Maison’

Aug 27, 2014 • Australia, KenyaNo Comments

In the photographic series Model-Maison by Australian photographer Cybele Malinowski,  viewers are given a personal tour of the homes of some of the worlds most successful models.

In this latest installment of Model-Maison, Kenyan-born Australian model Yaya Deng opens her doors to her Western Sydney home in Australia. She models casual sportswear pieces from Karen Walker, Adidas and Garth Cook in various rooms of her house.

View the images below:

Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_1-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_2-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_4-1200x1803 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_5-1200x1803 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_6-Edit-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_7-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_8-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_9-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_10-Edit-1200x1803 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_11-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_12-1200x1803 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_13-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_14-1200x798 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_15-1200x1803 Model-Maison_Yaya_CybeleMalinowski_16-1200x798
Click here to learn more about the ongoing project and to view more homes from other models in the series.


Model // Yaya Deng @ Chic
Stylist // Nicole Adler
Make Up //  Anna Milczarczyk
Retouch // Justin Malinowski
Published // Pages Digital 

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