NEW LOOKBOOK: Spring/Summer 2015 from Duro Olowu

Sep 15, 2014 • NigeriaNo Comments

Fashion designer Duro Olowu’s recent trip to Senegal gave him some ammunition for his latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Earlier this year, he visited the Senegalese fishing town of Saint-Louis -a place where the French culture and influences are prominent. In true Duro Olowu style, he incorporates tradition African prints and infuses it with vintage European silhouettes. Model Kinee Diouf models the new collection.

View some of the images below:

duro_olowu_001_1366_929438913_north_552x duro_olowu_002_1366_491199074_north_552x duro_olowu_003_1366_252294470_north_552x duro_olowu_004_1366_646077027_north_552x duro_olowu_005_1366_975911233_north_552x duro_olowu_006_1366_854243981_north_552x duro_olowu_011_1366_132974265_north_552x duro_olowu_012_1366_447582230_north_552x duro_olowu_013_1366_555731316_north_552x duro_olowu_015_1366_12155345_north_552x duro_olowu_016_1366_605380546_north_552x
duro_olowu_019_1366_971139155_north_552x duro_olowu_020_1366_77724819_north_552x duro_olowu_021_1366_312297503_north_552x duro_olowu_022_1366_572934544_north_552x duro_olowu_023_1366_979211591_north_552x

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