‘Oddflower’, A Multimedia Story Project for the Misfits by Andrea Boston

Aug 29, 2014 • Curator's NotesNo Comments

oddflowerAs I sat and watched the first two episodes of Andrea Boston’s new web series, ‘Oddflower‘, I couldn’t help but feel like this series was made for me.

In short, I was that ‘odd’ child in school that had a ‘gothic’ best friend, didn’t follow trends and listened to Nirvana, much to the disapproval of others – I was considered a sellout. As you get older, you soon come to realize that there is no template for how one is to act and it’s ok to be who you are.

Oddflower‘ is a biweekly multimedia project ‘that documents the women of color who never fit in’.

Check out the first two episodes below featuring wardrobe stylist Sigourney Salley and musician Aissa Arroyo-Hill of Noon Thirty:


Oddflower will be releasing print editions of their six short stories (including recent Etisalat Prize runner up Yewande Omotoso‘s ‘Out to Play’) soon. In the meantime, you can read the digital version here.


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