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LIN+MIR+MILLENERY+COLLECTION-VOGUE+APRILThe Adunni Model Show’ is a new weekly internet radio show hosted every Tuesday by Catwalk Model and Actress Elizabeth ‘Adunni’ Haruna. The show currently airs on Free Voice Radio, and is a great mix of music, interviews and discussions on current affairs.

We caught up with Adunni to learn a little more about her new show.

Hi Adunni, Tell us about your new radio show ‘The Adunni Model Show’?
The Adunni Model Show is a weekly radio show bringing listeners fashion tips, interviews and news on the industry.
What is your background? (modeling, radio..etc)
My background is modelling, acting, singing /dancing and presenting. I have been presenting and modelling for 4 years on catwalks, TV, radio and photo shoots.
So how did you get into radio hosting?
I got into radio hosting through presenting on community radio. I had been doing this for 3 years before presenting with BEN TV on my new show on Free Voice Radio. My love of radio originated from my BJTC Broadcasting degree even though at the time I had a strong interest and focus on television.
You cover a wide range of topics from controversial issues such as skin bleaching to giving advice and tips on the plus-size modeling industry. What other topics can we expect to see covered in the show?
I hope to cover more issues relating to modeling today, how models view the industry and other key issues that affect models on the fashion scene.
So are most of the topics you discuss based on issues you saw or face in your modeling career?
Some of the topics faced are issues that I may have seen on the catwalk whereas others are challenges that I feel other models have encountered.
So when and how can we listen to upcoming shows?
You can listen to upcoming shows on Tuesday’s from 2 to 4pm online at
Is this UK time (GMT)?
This would be 2 to 4pm UK Time.
How can readers learn about upcoming topics?
You can find out more about upcoming topics on twitter@adunnimodelshow and Facebook – adunnimodelshow.
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