Autumn Winter 2013 Collection from Jewel By Lisa

Aug 15, 2013 • FashionNo Comments


Jewel By Lisa is a haute couture womenswear fashion brand by designer Lisa Folawiyo. Jewel By Lisa’s trademark style consists of jewels embellished on Ankara print pieces.

The Nigerian label has been featured in several publications including The New York Times, MTV and Vogue to name a few and is a favorite amongst Thandie Newton, Solange Knowles and Kylie Jenner.

View their latest collection below:

Lookbook_22 Lookbook_28 Lookbook_27 Lookbook_26 Lookbook_25 Lookbook_24 Lookbook_23 Lookbook_21 Lookbook_20 Lookbook_19 Lookbook_18 Lookbook_17 Lookbook_16 Lookbook_15 Lookbook_14 Lookbook_13 Lookbook_12 Lookbook_11 Lookbook_10 Lookbook_09 Lookbook_08 Lookbook_07 Lookbook_06 Lookbook_05 Lookbook_04 Lookbook_03 Lookbook_02 Lookbook_01

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