Mayamiko Trust Launches New Online Boutique

Jul 8, 2013 • Charity, Fashion1 Comment

Mayamiko_trustMayamiko Trust is a UK based charity that is committed to helping to lift people out of poverty by providing education, skills training, nutrition and sanitation and promoting ethical trade practices.

The Mayamiko Trust is currently working with women in Malawi. The Mayamiko Cotton Project is an initiative developed in cooperation with local partners that provides local Malawian women with training in sewing and tailoring. Most of these women are affected by HIV or are careers of HIV orphans. Through this project they are able to gain a recognized qualification to earn a decent living.

Earlier last week, the Mayamiko Trust launched an online boutique featuring a line of ethically produced natural and recycled clothing and accessories. Visit to learn more.


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One Response to Mayamiko Trust Launches New Online Boutique

  1. Linda says:

    A person who makes or has idea to form Mayamiko Trust is certainly a people who are very concerned with women there. There are many skills that can be taught by a woman in this world, not the least those who lives in Malawi. All the women there can be asked to make the best products. The product can be sold and earned money. The workers will get the money from the sale of the product.

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