Introducing Viola Tebah, Founder of The Tebah Education Initiative

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photo 3.JPGGhanaian-born model Viola Tebah is the founder of The Tebah Education Initiative (TEI) – an organization set up with a primary focus to encourage and motivate students through education. Mentorship and Scholarship programs are some of the opportunities that the Maryland-based organization offers. We caught up with Ms Tebah in Ghana to learn more about her organization and her role as an ambassador for Tropics magazine.


Tell me about your Organization “The Tebah Education Initiative”?
The Tebah Education Initiative is an organization which aims to do Projects across the globe focusing on Education. Our vision is to provide the tools and means for a quality education and essential living for students across the globe beginning in Ghana. Our mission is to give hope, inspire, motivate and encourage the students we work with to continue to strive for academic excellence. We offer students the opportunity to excel throughout their education for the advancement of their country and the world at large. We offer scholarship opportunities (Tebah Private Donor Award Scholarship), provide Self Awareness Mentorship Programs (SAMP) and encourage students in self-development activities by engaging them in debates, sports, and other extracurricular activities. At Tebah Education Initiative, we have high expectations and hopes for our students. We are establishing a culture to harness their skills and talents in their education, while guiding them to become successful future leaders. T.E.I vision is to give hope, inspire, motivate, and encourage students across the globe to strive for academic excellence.


What inspired you to start this initiative?
Growing up in Ghana as a young child and achieving my universal primary and junior secondary education from Top Royal Preparatory School and Air Force Junior Secondary School Takoradi Ghana, I understand the struggle/challenges of what many students in Ghana encounter throughout their education but I believe with a few support and aid, these students can achieve at least their primary, junior secondary and secondary education. This is the reason why this project means a lot to me and not only to give back to my community but also giving children the opportunity to achieve their educational goals and to build greater leaders for the future. It is my hope to make a difference in my community and the world because it is by the grace of God that I have come this far in life. With that said; during the 2013 Miss Ghana USA pageant, I represented the Northern Region in Ghana with the hope to get the opportunity to focus on my platform (Education), be a role model to young children and support deprived schools in Ghana. After the Miss Ghana USA pageant, I was not crowned but I still have the spirit within my heart to give back to my community, contribute to my nation “Ghana” and to help students in Africa and the world.


You are an ambassador of Tropics magazine. How did that come about and what does being an ambassador entail?
Being an ambassador for an international magazine is such an honor and a blessing. March 2013, I contacted Tropics Magazine for an opportunity to feature in their magazine and on May 2013 I was featured on the Cover of Tropic Magazine as an international Model. During that month, the 25th of May was Africa Day Campaign so I was announced as one of their 17th ambassador representing Ghana and Ivory Coast. As an ambassador of Africa I was asked to share my views on what Africa means to me and how I make Africa proud each day. I took that moment not only to address on the negative stereotypes of how people view Africa but the positive and unique image of Africa. I also expressed my thought on where Africa should be heading in the future focusing on the growth of technology.

“It is a privilege to see the struggle of many Africa countries enslave for years to come this far in today’s world. We are moving forward to greater things and it is my goal that our generation will be a part of the innovating of today’s technological global market. What I mean by our children involving in today’s technological global market is for us to be able to compete with other nation such as China, United State and many other nations. I want to see our continent to be the next continent to come out with new technology. We shouldn’t depend on imports but rather manufacture product that will be exported to many nations in demand. We are known for agriculture, why are we not producing? Is a fact that we don’t have bigger industries to produce new goods! If that’s that case then that’s what our government should take into consideration. Ivory Coast and Ghana are known to be the leading nations of Cocoa therefore why aren’t these nations the leading nations of producing Chocolate for the world.”  (Ms. Viola Tebah Africa Day Campaign)  YouTube Video:

 Ingo Dotsey Photography| fotoFRICA.Com

You recently took part in Miss Ghana USA to raise awareness for your organization, how was that experience?
The experience was amazing. It’s more than my modeling career. It gave me the confidence to breakthrough my vision in life which I’m currently working on and I’m truly blessed for the opportunity. I encourage every young woman to go for their dream because you never know where open doors may come from. I’m not a pageant girl but I believe strongly that wanting to give back to my community the Miss Ghana USA Pageant would have been a great platform for me to continue with every vision I have in life and yes I was not crowned as the winner but that doesn’t stop me from reaching and achieving that vision that God has place within my heart.


How do you divide your time between modeling and studying full time student?
I’ve learned that success doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye and that you must always work hard to achieve every goal you set for yourself in life. With that said, with determination, hard work, dedication, focus, time and persistence I keep striving for success and excellence each day and that’s how I’m able to balance my time with all the activities that I’m involve and able to be productive in everything I do.


 What does the future hold for Viola Tebah? Where do you see your life in 5 years?
This is a great question and I thank you. As a young woman with a big heart and faith before God, I never know when God will direct me into a new journey in life so I leave under his will each day and become obedient and patience before His word. My goal within the next five years is to finish graduate college, earn a second degree in accounting get prepare for my CPA to become a certified public accountant. It’s my dream that by next five years the vision that’s ahead of me will go beyond my imagination. I will be able to support many schools, students and communities that are deprived and undeveloped. It’s possible and I believe with God on my side, this future organization will be successful.


How can are readers learn more about you and your organization?
We are currently working on our website but social media has made is accessible for everyone to see what the Tebah Education Initiative is doing in the community.

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