Coca-Cola Encourages Africa to ‘Go Crazy’

May 30, 2013 • Lifestyle, VideoNo Comments

‘If being kind to strangers is crazy, then Africa is the craziest place on earth.’

Coca-Cola’s latest advertising campaign “Africa Lets Go Crazy”, celebrates and inspires individuals to embark on some ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and spread happiness in their everyday lives.

2840_large2826_large 2831_large 2839_large Coca-Cola Encourages Africa to 'Go Crazy' Coca-Cola Encourages Africa to 'Go Crazy' Coca-Cola Encourages Africa to 'Go Crazy' 2857_large Coca-Cola Encourages Africa to 'Go Crazy'

The inspiration behind the campaign derives from the notion that anyone who practices kindness are often deemed as crazy. The ad emphasizes that kindness is just the craziness that the world needs for change.

Ugandan artist, Maurice Kirya provides the vocals for the commercials theme tune ‘Continent of Kindness’. The ad is only being shown across the African continent.

Coca-Cola have often made concious efforts to relay positive messages in their ads. Remember their 1971 commercial?


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