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  • honam-amoah

    Cool Creatives: Cynthia Amoah

    Apr 21, 14 • Curator's Notes, Ghana, PoetryNo Comments

    In a blog post titled ‘Lupita is Beautiful, but Black BEEN Beautiful‘, Dr Blay addresses the power of the media and how the constant validation of Lupita Nyongo’o’s beauty, has given many the confidence to find beauty in their own...

  • 522075_444813842267517_2070831442_n

    Cool Creatives: Nando Nkrumah

    Feb 4, 14 • Art, Articles, Ghana, InspirationNo Comments

    German artist and designer Nando Nkrumah, takes pride and inspiration from his West African roots to create jewelry pieces that represent the visual languages from the Ashanti culture. Using 3D printing and modeling technologies, he takes traditional Ghanaian...

  • fatma-wagdi-does-mona-lisa

    Cool Creatives: Fatma Wagdi

    Oct 9, 13 • Art, Articles, EgyptNo Comments

    RukaLiza ! is a photo manipulation series from Egyptian artist Fatma Wagdi. The collection is a mix of Wagdi’s appreciation for Mona Lisa and her quirky sense of humor. Check out the collection below:

  • arton318

    Cool Creatives: Ben Heine

    Mar 5, 13 • Art, Articles, Cape Verde, CountriesNo Comments

    Belgian photographer Ben Heine has taken photography to a whole new level with his ‘Pencil vs Camera’ project. The ongoing mixed media project involves a series of photographs mixed with imaginative pencil sketches. Being able to hone skills as a...