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  • naijavegan-jollof

    COOL CREATIVES: Naija Vegan

    Jun 1, 17 • ArticlesNo Comments

    Who says African foods can’t be healthy? Deciding to became vegan when you are used to a diet of traditional African cuisine can be tough. Although rich in taste and flavor, a lot of dishes of African heritage are often high in calories, high in fat and...

  • kaklo1

    Kakro Recipe (Plaintain Fritters)

    Jan 12, 14 • ArticlesNo Comments

    The thing I like about plantain is the fact that there are no restrictions as to when you can or cannot eat it. They taste great whatever the stage of ripeness. Kakro is a delicious donut-style snack made from over ripened plantains. This snack is something...

  • chinchin-feat

    Quick Chin Chin Recipe

    May 12, 13 • recipesNo Comments

    Chin Chin (Nigerian) or Achomo (Ghana) is a popular deep-fried snack (reminiscent to cookies) from West Africa. The basic ingredients used, are flour, butter, eggs, salt and sugar but there are many variations (i.e. the addition of milk, cinnamon, vanilla and...