Trailer: Family Portrait in Black and White by Julia Ivanova (2012)

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418150_296763953724621_1499009364_nThere are certain things that most of us take for granted like the journeys our parents made trying to set up foundations in a new country. The fact that racial tension and xenophilia still exists in most countries is saddening.

Family Portrait in Black and White is a 2012 documentary written by Julia Ivanova and produced by Boris Ivanov that gives us a glimpse into the lives of bi-racial children growing up in Ukraine.


The reality of growing up as a bi-racial child in Ukraine, a rare and truly visible minority, is not for the faint of heart. Interviews with African medical students and neo-nazis on the streets of Kiev paint a very dangerous picture.

Olga is a foster mother to 16 bi-racial orphans. She calls them “my chocolates” and raises them to be patriotic Ukrainians. Some residents of her small town in Eastern Ukraine, neighboring Russia, consider Olga a saint – but many believe she is just crazy. Inherited from the Soviet era, there is a stigma in the country against interracial relationships between Ukrainian girls and students from Africa, who come to Ukraine to study. The destiny of hundreds of bi-racial children is tragic – unwanted and doomed to grow up as orphans.

To learn more or to watch the documentary online, visit the official website.

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