Ñuul Kukk – A campaign in Senegal promoting black beauty

Outraged by the blatant dominance of billboards promoting skin lighteners around the Senegalese capital of Dakar, media relations manager Mr Amadou Dieng gathered a group of the countries notable organizations including renowned photographer Stephane Torune, Agendakar.com and Optima to changed old-fashion perceptions of beauty and restore self worth back in the community.

Ñuul Kukk is a movement in Senegal that was inspired by an advertising campaign for a product named ‘Khess Petch’, which in Wolof translates to ‘light skin’. ‘Khess Petch’ had plastered billboards around the city displaying before and after shots of women that had undergone skin lightening treatment.

Ñuul Kukk is counteracting the negative connotations associated with Dark skin by producing beautiful editorials of Dark skin beauties shot by Stephane Tourne with messages of encouragement telling the local women that they are beautiful.

According to the Ñuul Kukk site, the movement works to fulfill three missions:

Celebrate black beauty by displaying dark skinned women’s pictures

Centralise knowledge and data on the dangers of skin bleaching

Collect testimonials and tips on black beauty, how-tos from professionnals and offer an alternative for people who undergo skin complexion and beauty issues

Join the movement. Follow Ñuul Kukk on Facebook, and visit the website at www.nuulkukk.com.

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