Femi Kuti’s ‘No Place for My Dream’

femi-380x400On first hearing ‘No place for my dream’, you can’t help but notice heavy influences from Femi Kuti’s late father Fela.

This album finds Femi trying to establish his own sound while trying to maintain some respect for his father’s legacy. The¬†album is inspired by poverty and inequality and Femi he wants to bring awareness of this problem.

He states:

“I want people to understand that poverty is winning the game of life, as there are more people these days feeling the pain of suffering and hunger, not just in Africa but to understand it’s now a global problem, as we see in Europe and America too. That even if the rich are crying from the recession, the poor still die from hunger. And then we have the important issue of climate change. I wanted the video to highlight all this for all to see the importance of doing something about it immediately and to make it clear people have had enough of the suffering as the ongoing says.”

‘No Place for my Dream’ comes out on June 25, 20013 and Femi Kuti and his band will follow that with a US tour.


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