Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

ghana-must-go‘Ghana Must Go’ is Taiye’s Debut Novel about a troubled family reunited following the death of their father.

The story is sectioned in 3 parts; Gone, Going & Go and starts off in Accra with 58 year old patriarch, Kweku Sai, a Ghanaian Surgeon, educated in the US.

He wants to get his slippers from his bedroom but doesn’t want to wake up his second wife Ama as she sleep peacefully.

He lies barefooted in the backyard for 30 minutes having a cardiac arrest knowing that he is in the mist of dying.

The fact that he sits barefoot without his shoes is symbolic of how his life has evolved from a young child not being able to afford shoes to a successful wealthy surgeon.

After Kweku’s death, family flow from all over for his funeral. The main family of which the book is focused on, is his first wife Fola and his 4 child all American-born. Each with secret which gets unveiled as the story unfolds. The same family he abandoned to go start a new life in Ghana.

Ms Selasi writes with such elegance and has a great eye for detail as is evident with her character study. She knows her characters well and executes their stories exquisitely.

The writing style is very poetic, which in the beginning prompted me to read a couple of times to get into the heart of the tale. -This is a story that requires the use of all your senses to put yourself in the picture and get to know the characters closely.

As a fellow ‘Afropolitan‘, I felt warmed and able to appreciate this immigrant tale, the characters, and an appreciation for my parents who left their country in order to seek a better life for their future children.

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