Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen presents ‘An Azonto Banquet’

‘An Azonto Banquet’ is Zoe’s Ghana Kitchens latest Pop-Up challenge. This is in association with ‘Pips Dish’ and ‘We are Pop-Up’. The event will be held at Pipsdish in Islington on Friday, May 24, 2013.
Please see Flyer for more information.

Pop-up retail, a phenomenon since the 1990s is a ‘trend of opening short-term sales spaces mostly in large major cities. The fact that Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is ‘Pop-Up’ adds to it charm.
Zoe’s Ghana kitchen ‘merges traditional Ghanaian food with a contemporary dining experience’.
Check out the menu for the event below:
525460_430904233672689_994629580_nSOURCE: ZOE’s GHANA KITCHEN


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