Fashion Week Zanzibar Scheduled for October 2013

fashion_week_zanzibarZanzibar’s first ever Fashion Week has been scheduled to take place in October 2013. Founded early this year by Javed Jafferji, Adnan Quetta and Farouque Abdela, the event hopes to put Zanzibar on the map as one of Africa’s top fashion destinations.
‘Set off the coast of East Africa, in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, the style of Zanzibar has many influences. Rich Swahili culture blends here with Indian, Arab and European influences, brought here for centuries on trade winds. The unique culture, paradise setting, and Zanzibar’s status as a cosmopolitan hub of trade all influence the designs created and inspired by the archipelago.

At Fashion Week Zanzibar, see the freshest, newest styles created by Zanzibar’s established and up and coming designers. Drawing from centuries of cultural collisions, the brightly coloured traditional patterns of kanga and kitenge from Eastern Africa, and a one-of-a-kind modern island sensibility, designs showcased at Fashion Week Zanzibar will showcase the best and most unique style in the region.’

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