African-Inspired Exhibit Coming to San Diego Zoo

9c2775ea-0fd4-4cdd-b0c9-d829c79478c7The San Diego Zoo announced on Saturday that they would use the $10million gift challenge from Philantropist Ernest Rady to create an eight acre Africa exhibit.

Rady pledged that the zoo must come up with $20 million in matching funds over a two year period.

The exhibit to be entitled ‘Conrad Prebys Africa Rock exhibit’ which will replace ‘Dog and Cat’ Canyon’ (the zoo’s oldest exhibit) will be ready to open in 4 years time.

The exhibit will include more than 50 species of African animals. Patas, velvet monkeys and African birds will be included. A 65-foot-tall man-made waterfall called Rady Falls and a Madagascar Habitat that will feature seven species of lemurs.

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

SOURCE: http://www.swrnn.com

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