The First Lady Documents Her First Days In Africa Via Instagram

Shortly after setting up an Instagram account today, the First Lady of the United States wasted no time and started documenting travels while vacationing in Africa.

First stop was to the Martin Luther King Middle School in Dakar with daughters Malia and Sasha. On arrival, they were treated to a welcome ceremony by the students.

Mrs Obama and her daughters also made time to visit to Goree Island, The place where slaves were held.


View the First Lady’s first day images and captions below and check her instagram for more photos and videos.


My first instagram! So inspired and so impressed by these extraordinary young women. -mo #FLOTUSinAfrica


mo-2“You all are role models for my daughters, which is why I brought them here today – so that they could be inspired by you just like I am.” -First Lady Michelle Obama at MLK Middle School in Dakar. #FLOTUSinAfrica



Meeting local artists on Goree Island.#FLOTUSinAfrica



The Door of No Return on Goree Island.



“Don’t ever forget that by investing in your education, you are doing the very best thing you can do…not just for yourselves, but for your children and grandchildren.” -The First Lady to students in Senegal #FLOTUSinAfrica

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