New Book: Beyond the Distant Clouds by Ngozi Omolaiye

beyond-distant-clouds‘Beyond the Distant Cloud’ is a new novel by first-time Nigerian author Ngozi Omalaiye.

‘Beyond the Distant Cloud’ is the first book of five in a series (In Your Sokoto) that follows the lives of various individuals as they embark on a journey of ‘love’.

Ngozi Omalaiye, the book’s author states’ “I see a lot of relationships going wrong around me, and most times the solutions are near to people, or lies within them. This inspired me to write a series of five books with the same theme but different characters and stories.”

Book Synopsis:

Shirley was the ideal wife-every man’s dream, her husband’s heartbeat and lifeline. Her beauty was combined with brains; she loved people, and her humility disarmed everyone, but she began jetting off on frequent holiday sprees, causing instability in her home. Donald couldn’t handle it, what with challenges in the office. His office had several blocks of oil, both onshore and offshore, which they had been drilling for months with no streak of hope in sight. Tife once had a perfect kin-like relationship with Donald. He was like an uncle to her; he had been her late brother’s best friend. Then one day, it all changed, and her world turned upside down. Their relationship was marred, and then a tragic occurrence further threatened to destroy their affinity. In Your Sokoto series Solutions to life’s challenges are all around us and within our reach (sokoto is a Yoruba word for “trouser”), but we go searching for them in distant places, thereby complicating our lives. An old Yoruba (a tribe in West Africa) adage says “What you go looking for in Sokoto is in your sokoto” Sokoto is a town in northern Nigeria about 760 kilometres from Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria. The Yorubas live in the western part of the country, hence “going to Sokoto” is like going to the ends of the earth. In Your Sokoto is a series of books about relationships with the same theme but different stories and characters. At the end of each book, you will discover that the answers that seemed so far away lie within your heart or just within reach, and things you thought were really complex are not half as complicated as they seemed.

The Author, Ngozi Omalaiye lives in Essex, United Kingdom, with her husband and daughter.

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