1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair: Postcards from Africa

1374078_647477388619697_1666525163_nBack in February, we reported news that London will be hosting its first ever international fair devoted to African art. The events will be held at the historic Somerset House in London on October 16 to 20, 2013.

1:54 is an event that will act as a platform for galleries, museums and art fanatics involved in African and Africa-related projects to converse with established and emerging talents.

Earlier this week, 1:54 invited artists to participate in its new online venture: Postcards from Africa. 

‘The postcard is a decentralised and unregulated medium of communication that takes a number of forms, including text and image. Throughout history the postcard has transmitted messages from one space to another, connecting communities and individuals around the world.’ -1:54

The project encourages African artists to send personal postcards from their local town or region via a physical postcard scanned digitally or a virtual postcard, sent via email. Selected postcards will be submitted to join the 1:54 online archive and contribute towards a collective dialouge among African countries. Postcards should be emailed to info@1-54.com (name and location should be include).

For a full schedule of the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, download it here. Tickets for the event are now on sale. To learn more about the event, visit 1-54.com.

Source: 1-54 on Facebook  & Somerset House // Image Source: Untitled 1 by Karo Akpokiere

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