‘Nigerian Monarchs – The Custodians of Peace and Cultural Heritage’ by George Osodi

2013-09-11-HRMSolomonAkenzuaObaErediauwaofBeninKingdom‘The Custodians of Peace and Culture’ is a collection of images by acclaimed Nigerian photographer George Osodi. The collection, curated by Ziggi Golding will be exhibited at the Bermondsey Projects in London from Friday October 11, 2013 as part of Black History Month (UK).

The exhibition features a selection of 40 photographs of various kings and rulers from Osodi’s travels to various palaces across Nigerian.

Nigeria is a country known for it rich and cultural heritage and in the past, was once a country of large city states and empires which collapsed after the British colonization in the late 19th century.

Having a royal title in Nigeria still has a symbolic relevance and is something to be celebrated.

2013-09-11-TheDeinofAgborKingdomKeagborekuziI2012copy 2013-09-11-HRMPereDonokoromollJPThePereofIsabaKingdom2012 2013-09-11-HRMObaJimohOyetunjiOlanipekunLarooyeIIAtaojaofOsogboland2012copy 2013-09-11-HRMAgbogidiObiJamesIkechukwuAnyasillObiofIdumujeUnor.2013copy 2013-09-11-HRHAlhajiAbdulmuminiKabirUsmanTheEmirofKatsina2012copy  2013-09-11-HisRoyalMajestyOharisiIIIOvieofUghelli2012copy 2013-09-11-HisHighnessTheEmirofKanoAlhajiAdoBayero2012copy 2013-09-11-EMIRofKANOcar2012

Nigerian Monarchs – The Custodians of Peace and Cultural Heritage is taking place at Bermondsey Projects, 46 Willow Walk, London SE1 5SF from October 11, to November 3, 2013. Please visit http://bermondseyproject.com for more information.

Source: http://bermondseyproject.com

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