New Video: Débruit & Alsarah – Jibal Alnuba – ٥. جبال النوبة

1262406869-debruit-&-alsarah-bigAs we wait patiently for the release of Débruit & Alsarah’s forthcoming album Aljawal الجوال on Monday, we are treated to a new video from the duo for the fifth track on the album ‘Jibal Alnuba ٥. جبال النوبة (the Nuba Mountains)’.

Sudanese-born Alsarah is a singer/sonwriter who spent the earliest years of her life in the Sudan and Yemen, escaping both countries due to civil wars. She is now based in the US, where she has been living since 1994.

French Afrobeat surrealist Débruit’s dazzling live electronics show has allowed him to take his music worldwide, from Russia to New York, Glastonbury to Sonar.

Aljawal الجوال  is a fusion of Débruit’s synthetic grooves and the Sudanese rhythms and melodies that Alsarah had grown up with. The album is a result of 2 years of collaborating ideas between both artists.


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