Remembering ‘Mama Africa’ – Miriam Makeba // Full Album (Video)


“I kept my culture. I kept the music of my roots. Through my music I became this voice and image of Africa and the people without even realising” – Miriam Makeba

Today marks 5 years since the death of Grammy Award-winning South african singer and civil rights activist Miriam Makeba.

Makeba was responsible for popularizing African music in the 60’s and is best know for her acclaimed song ‘Pata Pata’.
She is remembered for her work with popular artists Paul Simon, Harry Belafonte and her former husband musician Hugh Maseka.
On this day 5 years ago, Makeba sadly died of a heart attack after a performance in Italy.

Her legacy still lives on through her music. On March 4 of this year, Google honored her by putting up a Google Doodle in her honor.


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