The Afronauts (a Zambian Space Program) by Cristina De Middel #afrofuturism #Zambia

Earlier this month, UK-Based Spanish photographer Cristina De Middel, showcased her collection of photographs at the 4th Lagos Photo Festival in Nigeria.

“The Afronauts” collection, was a concept born from an article that De Middel stumbled upon, discussing an improbable space program mounted by Zambia in 1964.

“I realized straight away that it was an incredible story that allowed me to give a different point of view about Africa” beyond the old stereotypes of war and famine, she said.

This resulted in a self-published book featuring images of African astronauts in colorful space suits, compiled with letters and articles from the time. One thousand copies were produced and sold out in a flash.

Since then, “The Afronauts” has now been shown worldwide and won De Middel the prestigious International Center of Photography (ICP) prize in New York and a nomination for the 2013 Deutsche Boerse award.

A film, co-produced with the Catalan photographer and documentary maker Pep Bonet, is currently in the works.

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To learn more about photographer Cristina De Middel, visit: http://www.lademiddel.com

Excerpts from: http://www.arabnews.com

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