Kiaski ‘Edi’ Donkor features on latest episode of Jay Nicco-Annan’s ‘Signatures’ series

7b561074ac8980ef091c62b057a92878Check out the latest video in filmmaker Jason Nicco-Annan’s Signatures series. He meets with UK-based illustrator Kiaski Donkor to discuss his exciting Anansi ‘storybook’ project.

‘Kiaski discusses the depth of research it takes to recreate and re-explore a legendary character, and explains how Ghana is a huge influence on his storytelling.’


Musical Scores:
– “YeahYeahYeah” by Flako

Directed by Jason Nicco-Annan


About Anansi and the Wisdom Pot

This is a project underaken to modernize an African tale for a new generation. The tale chosen revolves around ‘Anansi the Spider’, a mythical character originating from Ghana, known for his mischevious antics.

A storybook was made which fused multiple Anansi stories to form a new one. This new story was made specifically to adopt modern themes, ideas and objects familiar to today’s children.
A second book, containing the faces/masks of the characters was made. These masks could be cut out and used by children to reenact the story they just read or create tales on their own, using their imagination.

The illustrations  incorporated simple African aesthetics, Nature, Colours and Textures to create a vibrant and visually inviting world for children to be immersed in.

To learn more about illustrator Kiaski donors work, visit:

Source: Behance//YouTube

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