Questions with Afrizonen Founder and CEO Evelyn Overeem

1374714_514846381941698_723307276_nA new marketplace that will connect local, national and international buyers and sellers, will be launched early next year.
Afrizonen is a new ecommerce platform that aims to fill the void that other mainstream marketplaces miss providing a foundation thats available to the whole of Africa.
Afrizonen works directly with African sellers to make their products accessible to international buyers. We spoke to the company’s CEO Evelyn Overeem to learn more about this exiting new venture.


What is Afrizonen?
The name Afrizonen is basically an abbreviation of Africa and it’s zone, as in Africa as a whole.


How did the concept of Afrizonen come about?
The concept of Afrizonen came about few years ago, when i saw some Africans wanting to trade in Ebay and Amazon to make a living or earn extra cash, but they couldn’t because some African countries were not listed in these marketplace countries selection hence preventing hardworking Africans with good products to trade international. Paypal is also restricted from some African countries, which makes it difficult for sellers that wants to use the platform.

And since Africa doesn’t have any Multi-national Marketplace that brings ALL AFRICAN COUNTRIES TOGETHER, that can connect local and international buyers and sellers, I decided to create one. Africa has so many natural resources and products that westerners and other countries want but they find it difficult to source products directly from local seller or suppliers. This platform will now make it easier for them.

Afrizonen will serve as a connecting point for business-minded Africans living abroad to easily and directly connect to local merchants looking for various goods in demand from their home countries or all over Africa. Instead of traveling back home or shipping the goods to Africa and then struggling to find buyers, they can now connect to clients who actually want the goods or products directly from the platform. It reduces the stress of selling any goods shipped from overseas to Africa (for reselling purposes).

 Afrizonen updated

Afrizonen has been likened as Ebay. What are the similarities and differences?

Well with Afrizonen, opening an online store and listing products is 100% free. This makes it easy for anyone wishing to open an online business and start making money. On places like Ebay and Amazon, sellers have to pay fees. Afrizonen doesn’t have bidding like Ebay does. Our sellers can only list a product with fixed price and buyers can purchase the product directly at that set price. If bidding is demanded by users, we might consider adding that feature in the near future.


What type of items can buyers expect to see in Afrizonen?
Everything one can find in a marketplace can be seen in Afrizonen including African attires, crafts, food products and many others. The list is endless. And also private sourcing of products directly from Africa through Afrizonen sellers.


How do interested sellers get involved ? Is there a requirement to participate as a seller?
Anyone can sell on Afrizonen. There is no special requirement. All they need is internet access and registration of a payment gateway where they can receive money directly from buyers. These payment gateways will be listed on Afrizonen and they also need to decide which shipping company to use for sending out the products to buyers. Different shipping companies will be listed on the site. Sellers will need to allocate a location of the shipping company they wish to use to drop off packages or set up for their packages to be picked-up from their homes.


When is the official launch of Afrizonen?
We are hoping to launch it by January 2014 ,There are somethings that needs to be done on the site before launch ,which is being worked on by my developers, including various testing and making sure everything is working properly before launching it.


What is your hope for Afrizonen in the future?
My hope for Afrizonen is for it to create job and business opportunities for Africans worldwide and as well open Africa to the international world.


How can our readers learn more about Afrizonen?
To learn more about Afrizonen development and when it will launch, fans/users can like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.


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