Kakro Recipe (Plaintain Fritters)

The thing I like about plantain is the fact that there are no restrictions as to when you can or cannot eat it. They taste great whatever the stage of ripeness.

Kakro is a delicious donut-style snack made from over ripened plantains. This snack is something that my mother used to make on special occasions and it’s such a quick and easy recipe.  Kakro can be eaten by itself or served as a side.



4 Over ripen Plantains

1 cup of All-Purpose Flour

1 Half of a small Onion (finely grated)

1 tablespoon of fresh Ginger (finely grated)

1 teaspoon of Salt

1 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper

4 cups of Vegetable Oil (for frying)



preparation time: 10-15 minutes

Cook time 10-15 minutes

Makes 24 balls



Peel the plantain and place them in a mixing bowl.

Mash the plantain with a fork until you form a lumpy mixture.

Add the onion, ginger, salt, cayenne pepper and mix

Add the flour and mix everything together.

Heat the oil to medium and using a dinner spoon, spoon small amounts of the mixture to fry in small batches

Fry until golden brown on either side.

Transfer the balls unto a paper towel to drain out the excess oil.

Serve hot or warm.




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