Braamfontein, Johannesburg’s Coolest Neighborhood (Video) #SouthAfrica #Africa

1Pop culture publication The Fader, have joined forces with soda giant Sprite to highlight South Africa’s burgeoning communities and talent. A series of video documentaries and photographs will be published throughout the month of January and February on  

The latest video documentary features one of Johannesburgs hippest neighborhoods Braamfointein. Braamfointein is home to Wits, ‘the nation’s third oldest university’ and in the past was known for being a party city. Post apartheid, many of the residents left for safer towns causing the neighborhood to devolve into ‘a bit of  slum’.

Severals years later, with a lot of new developments and several creatives and innovators moving to the area, Braamfontein is fast becoming, one of Johannesburg’s coolest and creative new neighborhoods. Braamfontein is now home to boutique hotels, art galleries and speciality goods stores and is currently seeing a surge in property redevelopment.

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