Frances Bodomo’s Afronauts to show at the Berlinale Festival 2014 #Berlin #Zambia #Africa

68916_508145292578271_1708725969_nFollowing a successful kickstarter campaign last year, Ghanaian filmmaker Frances Bodomo’s short film Afronauts premiered at Sundance earlier this month. The film is based on true events and tells an alternative story of the 1960’s Space Race. As America prepares to send Apollo 11 to space, a group of Zambian exiles are rushing to launch their rocket in the hopes to make it to the moon first. The film stars Diandra Forrest as Matha and Yolanda Ross as Auntie Sunday.

Afronauts will make it’s first international premier on Sunday, February 16 at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.


Afronauts tells the alternative history of the 1960s Space Race. It’s the night of July 16th, 1969 and, as America prepares to send Apollo 11 to the moon, a group of exiles in the Zambian desert are rushing to launch their rocket first. There’s only one problem: their spacegirl, Matha, is five months pregnant. Afronauts follows characters that have not been able to find a home on earth and are therefore attracted to the promise of the space race.

The Berlinale Festival will run from February 6 to 16, 2014. To learn more about Frances Bodomo’s Afronauts, visit: or follow the project on Facebook.

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