An African City – Africa’s answer to ‘Sex and the City’ – Meet the Cast

bgcast-1An African City is a new web series that follows five successful African females as they return to their home continent. Pegged as Africa’s answer to ‘Sex and the City’, the show will cover topics of love, life and soul-searching. The show’s creators, Ghanaian filmmakers Nicole Amarteifio and Millie Monyo are hoping that the series will push boundaries and help to change public perceptions of how the world views African and the continent. The show stars Esosa Edosomwan, Maame Adjei, MaameYaa Boafo, Nana Mensah, and Marie Humbert.

Meet the Characters

5dff4486-e5e7-483d-9e24-6a1097247bd5Ngozi, a Nigerian and the youngest of the five ladies, was raised in Maryland. After earning her graduate degree in international affairs, she was offered a job at a development agency in Accra. Much to the dismay of her friends, Ngozi is the religious one of the group.


a358e910-1d6b-4d98-86d8-e0c21ac2cfa2Zainab, a Ghanaian born in Sierra Leone, grew up in Atlanta. Her entrepreneurial spirit brought her back to Ghana and she has a constant eye for business opportunities.



3a1035fa-c4b0-4f52-8b98-de9220d63547Nana Yaa, a Ghanaian, was raised in New York state, just outside the New York City. She returned to Ghana after earning her graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University.



5da5c1e5-8ed0-454a-b98f-1eb29f4ff14dSade, a Ghanaian-Nigerian raised in Texas, works as a marketing manager for a prominent Nigerian Bank based in Accra. She is a graduate of Harvard Business School and spent most of her young professional life between New York and Boston.


080a1c12-7b3c-4f67-affb-0a58eb57dc76Makena was born in Kenya, but spent most of her life in London. She is from a biracial family, with a Ghanaian mother and a British father. In England, she graduated from Oxford Law and went on to have a successful career at a corporate law firm. However, after a divorce, she decided to return to the continent jobless.



Is anyone else excited about An African City?

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