Photography: Albus by Justin Dingwall featuring Thando Hopa #Albinism #SouthAfrica Showing at M.I.A. Seattle

Albus is an ongoing collection of photographs currently being showcased at the M.I.A Gallery in Seattle. It features the work of South African photographer Justin Dingwall and South African model Thando Hopa.

Model Thando Hopa, is a legal prosecutor who is making it a mission to use her visibility to expel negative perceptions surrounding Albinism.
‘The photographic series explores the aesthetics of Albinism in contrast with the idealized perception of beauty. Albinism touches every ethnic group and is characterized by the insufficiency of melanin that determines skin and hair color.’

albus1 albus2 albus3 albus4 albus5 albus6 albus7 albus8
Albus is currently showing at the M.I.A. in Seattle until February 28, 2014.

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