Face of Africa Germany Pre Fashion Soiree #EventsInBerlin February 21, 2014

Face of Africa Germany will present a pre-fashion Soiree at the South African Embassy in Berlin on Friday, February 21st, 2014. This invitation-only event will provide a platform for contestants to mingle with African mission representatives and create opportunities to promote African fashion, culture, lifestyle and tourism in Germany through the entertainment industry.

The event will feature the work of four Germany-Based designers: Aye Collection, Ernest Look, Bijou Makeda and Coko Diamond.


Face of Africa Germany is a Fashion Pageant created with the goal to find a brand ambassador who will promote African fashion, culture, tourism, beauty and lifestyle in Germany. The winner will be selected from 22 contestants of African origin from all over Germany.

Akatasia.com are proud to be part of this amazing event.

To learn more visit, Faceofafricagermany.com


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