I Love Kuduro by Mário Patrocínio (Trailer) #Angola

1474559_554756494605543_532339704_nKuduro is an urban cultural movement born out of Angolan clubs during the last decade of the civil war. The movement constitutes to the style of music, dance, fashion and culture and is becoming popularized in modern popular culture.

In the late eighties, music producers started experimenting with fusing African percussions with different carnival sounds like Souk and Calypso. In the nineties, the introduction to house music and techno beats created a new dynamic to the music and soon after youngsters started creating dance moves to the tracks.

Mário Patrocínio’s intimate documentary I Love Kuduro, explores this culture through the distinct performances of its greatest stars and most prominent key players including Cabo Snoop, Os Namayer, Francis Boy, Titica, and Os Lambas.

The film debuted at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival late last year.


Kuduro, which literally translates as ‘hard ass’, is an urban cultural movement that was born in Angola during the last decade of the country’s 30-year Civil War.

Created in discos and raves in downtown Luanda through a blending of House, Techno beats and traditional Angolan rhythms, Kuduro music and dance spilled over from the capital city to the suburbs. It rapidly spread throughout Angola, and then across Africa. It’s now becoming popular around the world.
‘I LOVE KUDURO’ follows the most idolized stars of this urban phenomenon including Cabo Snoop, Os Namayer, Francis Boy, Titica, and Os Lambas, that today influences scores of young Africans, musically, in fashion, and overall lifestyle.


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Image Source: Official I Love Kuduro Facebook Page

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