Nigerian’s Abroad – a reality show based in Los Angeles (Pilot Episode)

sddefaultNigerians Abroad“ is a new reality TV show produced by Osimeni Odaibo. The show follows a group of young Nigerian Americans (Njideka  “Jaxx” Duruhesie, Chinenye “NaijaChick” Nwokenna and Adeyinka ‘Yinks” Lipede) living and working in Los Angeles.

A thrilling peek into the everyday lives of young Nigerians living in Los Angeles. It is a known fact that Nigerians, wherever they are, have an inborn sense of entertainment, class, and extravagance.

“Nigerians Abroad” is a show about young Nigerian-Americans living in the city of Los Angeles and climbing the social ladder one step at a time; turning heads wherever they go.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

Source: Nigerians Abroad YouTube Channel

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