NEW LOOKBOOK: Randmas Geometric prints and Accessories

RANDMAS_LOOKBOOK_READY_FOR_PRINT_1_dba44fac-26ff-4b9e-86b5-e65b4c499178_grandeRANDMAS = Random AND Modern African Style

New UK-based Nigerian label RANDMAS launched their new label with a bang earlier this month. If their new lookbook of psychedelic prints is a taster of what we can expect from them in the future, then there is  a lot to be excited about.

RANDMAS Geometric prints and accessories are vintage with an African twist. The label is inspired by ‘the Artistry and Colours of Africa’ and designed with the universal print collector in mind.

Check out some of the lookbook below.

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RANDMAS_LOOKBOOK_READY_FOR_PRINT_24_8b628153-45e6-4d7f-a840-cdcd80864783_grande RANDMAS_LOOKBOOK_READY_FOR_PRINT_22_08fa89a5-7e5d-48a4-99c0-2e21e7dd4801_grande RANDMAS_LOOKBOOK_READY_FOR_PRINT_15_5ad3afd1-6bdc-4931-a1cc-2a76279ffbd0_grande RANDMAS_LOOKBOOK_READY_FOR_PRINT_12_abe7c420-e41c-4ba2-aa1e-01f8b82d3d59_grande

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