Babatunde sources fabrics from Ghana and Benin for Spring 2014 collection

The new 2014 collection from accessories label Babatunde, uses fabrics sourced from Ghana and Benin. Babatunde, which is a Yoruba name meaning ‘the father returns’, was established in 2009 by South African fashion Stylist Gareth Cowden.

Of the new collection Cowden states, “We’ve sourced materials and prints that have the energy, dignity and playfulness of the people who made them.” “It’s why we exist, to express our love for Africa in something the whole world can appreciate. We are original because Africa is original, we just translate it into a language the modern world can understand and enjoy. We believe Africa is worth protecting – we do it by celebrating what’s beautiful about it. We stand for strong family values and all that is truly African.”

View the lookbook below:

BH_ACCRA1-620x930 BT_KETA1-620x930 CL_ASHANTI-LC_ASHANTI-FP_ASHANTI-620x930 CL_CHAMA-SPH_CHAMA-620x930 FCB_YENDI-620x930 FP_KUMASI-620x930 IMG_6197f-620x930 IP_JAMBO-620x930 STI_BAWKU-FP_BAWKU-LS_BAWKU-620x930 STR_ASHANTI-620x930 TR_TAMALE-620x930 UM_TUMU-620x930
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