“Lagos Calling” – Clayton Cubitt’s Study of African skinhead fashion from the early seventies #throwbackthursday

Taking reference from the Clash’s 1979 album  title, ‘London Calling’, ‘Lagos Calling’ is New York based photographer Clayton Cubitt’s  fantasy portrait study of African skinhead fashion from the early seventies.

There had been a lot of confusion as to whether these images were real documents from Lagos, with several websites republishing the images as historical artifacts.

In an interview with Saatchi Art in 2011, Cubitt stated that,’ Lagos Calling was an attempt to imagine a fantasy alternate reality. What if the skinhead fashion movement had arisen in 60′s Lagos, instead of London? What if anthropological portraits from the time had been lost, and then resurfaced, damaged, faded, as a relic of a cultural hybrid that has since died out? Lagos Calling is what I came up with, in collaboration with an amazing fashion stylist, René Garza, who I’ve collaborated with for ten years.’

Cubitt also responds to publications using the images as historical reference and says, ‘the biggest kick I get out of it is all the people who write to me thinking the images are a real document from the 60′s in Lagos. The websites in Africa and Russia that republish the images as historical reference.’

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Source: Saatchi Art Magazine


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