Cool Creatives: Cynthia Amoah

honamIn a blog post titled ‘Lupita is Beautiful, but Black BEEN Beautiful‘, Dr Blay addresses the power of the media and how the constant validation of Lupita Nyongo’o’s beauty, has given many the confidence to find beauty in their own skin. Dr Blay brings a valid point questioning why we need the media to shape our definition of beauty. Here is an excerpt from Dr Blay’s blog post:


I see Lupita every day. I see her as often on the streets of Philadelphia as I do on the streets of Accra. I see her in my classroom. I see her at the corner store. I see her at the mall. I see her everywhere.

And so do you. Only you don’t know it. If it took the media’s fixation on Lupita’s Otherness to introduce you to the beauty of dark skin, then you don’t know what you’re seeing when you look at dark-skinned women. Or maybe you don’t even see us. That is, if you rely on the media to tell you what to see and how to see it.

Yes, Lupita is beautiful, but please believe, Black BEEN beautiful.


As I was browsing through, I came across this inspirational piece from 22 year old spoken word poet Cynthia Amoah from Ohio. Inspired by Dr Blay’s post, Ms. Amoah penned ‘Honam’, which in Twi (Ghana) means skin/body.

Check out her latest video (above) for her poem ‘Honam’.

Description: Honam defines ‘skin’ in (Twi), the native language of Ghana, West Africa. Doesn’t the spelling of “honam” almost look like the spelling of “human?” Their definitions are closely related as well. This poem ties in these concepts to the ever loved actress Lupita Nyongo’s success story while raising an anthem of loving ourselves and our brown girls. To learn more about Ms. Amoah’s work, by visiting her YouTubeChannel :

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