Oya: Rise of the Orisha by Nosa Igbinedion (trailer)

An Orisha ia an ancient African deity ‘that reflects one of the manifestations of God in the Yoruba spiritual or religious system’.
The Yoruba belief in Orisha is meant to consolidate not contradict the terms of Olódùmarè. Adherents of the religion appeal to specific manifestations of Olódùmarè in the form of those whose fame will last for all time. Ancestors and culture-heroes held in reverence can also be enlisted for help with day-to-day problems. –Wikipedia
Award-winning filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion is resurrecting the deities and bringing them to life in a new action movie depicting these characters as modern day superheroes. ‘Oya Rise of the Orisha’ tells the story of one woman’s journey to self discovery.
Plot Outline

The film focuses on Ade, one of the few people in the modern world who still has a connection with one of the gods Oya. Oya’s job is to keep the doorway between the world of man and the world of the Orishas firmly closed for, if it is opened, the Orishas will wreak havoc upon the Earth as retribution for man’s abandonment of them. To keep the door shut she must find the ‘key’ (a young girl with the potential to open the doorway) and keep her safe.

Ade must help Oya find the key and battle against those who would wish to use her to open the doorway and release a horde of forgotten deities upon the world.


Oya: Rise of the Orishas is an exciting action packed film, written and directed by Nosa Igbinedion. The film resurrects mythical deities from African folklore, known as Orishas, into modern-day superheroes.
The film will be presented In a visually unique style drawing inspiration from related genres, including sci-fi, action and martial arts and presenting a truly phenomenal spectacle in the art of film.

The movie stars Ethosheia Hylton, Prince Shoyelu, Jayde Stedford, Quincy Okpokpor, Luiana Bonfim and Orwi Imanuel Ameh
The film is still in its early stages but you can learn more by visiting the official movie Facebook page and http://www.oyariseoftheorishamovie.com/
Source: https://www.facebook.com/OyaRiseOfTheOrisha

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