‘One Family People/ Breaking Barriers’, a short film about disability in Sierra Leone

one-family-peopleWith the Sierra Leonean government failing to acknowledge disability as a major development issue, most disabled citizens depend on the help of family and friends for social and economic support.

But for some of them that are shunned by those closest to them due to the belief that disability is caused by witchcraft, they struggle with day to day living. Lack of health care, housing and work is prominent amongst the countries handicap.

‘Breaking Barriers’, is a short film that follows the work of non- governmental, non profit organization One Family People (OFP), an organization that act as an advocate and champions disability issues. OFP provide encouragement by empowering persons with disabilities to utilize their creative talent.

In the film, we are first introduced to one of the organizations interns Salay, a mother who explains how she has benefited from OFP.

The video was produced by BrandOutLoud, a media company based in The Netherlands.


BrandOutLoud is driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multi-media storytelling. In which aesthetic and powerful imagery is the key for successful communication: Visualise to persuade.

This production was commissioned by One Family People, in collaboration with ICDI, Liliane Fonds and BrandOutLoud Foundation.

The video is part of their branding and communication strategy: Who is One Family People? Where do they stand for? What is their story? It is developed to promote their story – both locally and internationally.

“At One Family People we want to break barriers for people with disability. If those barriers are not broken there is no how we can have an inclusive society. There is no how our country can prosper.” – Hadiatou Diallo, senior program manager

Source: brandoutloud.org


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