Neffy, A 3-part web series by Melissa Blake

10245482_493698150758358_1497944132311523230_nCreated by Melissa Blake, ‘Neffy’ is a 3-part web series that tells the story of protagonist Neffy Okunkwo (Toyin Ogunjumo)–a thiry-something year old nightclub bathroom attendant.

On the exterior, Neffy is a quiet women who keeps herself to herself, but she hides a dark past that has caused her to question aspects of her faith.

Neffy left Nigeria at age 30 to ‘evade the the torturous status of being infertile in her home country’ and start life afresh in Nottinghamshire (UK). She has ruled out any prospects of falling in love, as she believes that ‘a marriage would never truly be complete without children’.

The series explores the development of an unlikely friendship between Neffy and her pregnant teenage neighbor Allie, which forces her to confront her demons face on.

See all three episodes below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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