Photography: ‘The Moroccans’ by Leila Alaoui #Morocco

Inspired by Robert Frank’s The Americans and Richard Avedon’s In The American West, French-Moroccan artist Leila Alaoui latest ongoing photographic series ‘The Moroccans’, is a series of life size portraits that she took while journeying through Morocco. The Collection depicts local Morroccans of various ethnic and tribal groups.

Alaoui hopes that this work will reflect on what is left of Moroccos diminishing rich and diverse culture.

Leila Alaoui currently lives and work between Marrakech and Beirut.

View the collection below:

Tamesloht, 2011 Chefchaoun, Rif Mountains, 2010 Jemaa El Fnaa Square # 4, 2011 Khamlia, South of Morocco #2, 2014original-4 original original-1 original-3 original-2

To view the rest of the collection, visit: http://www.leilaalaoui.com/#!the-moroccans/c17d2

Image Source: Slate

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